• Full Time
  • Cape Town
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Job Specification

  • Provide efficient and effective investment risk management and performance attribution services to the company, in particular to the investment team
  • Provide investment data/information, quantitative analyses, and other related support services to all areas within the company
  • Provide meaningful risk analysis and input, and sound data analyses/tics, to support and add value to portfolio managers and investment analysts
  • Ensure effective investment compliance and controls
  • Maintain sound relations with all third-party service providers related to the role
  • Keep abreast of developments in the Investment Risk Management, Data Analytics and related spaces to enable continuing enhancements to risk and performance analyses and processes
  • Play a key role in ensuring automation of investment risk and performance attribution processes and reports


Duties/Functions Include

  • Investment risk analysis and reporting
  • Performance measurement, attribution analysis and reporting
  • Investment and mandate compliance and monitoring
  • Ensure effective investment risk controls and limits are in place and monitoring these
  • Quantitative analysis relevant to function and as requested by Director of Investments, Portfolio Managers and others
  • Prepare and coordinate relevant reports, presentations, etc. for the weekly Investment Risk and Portfolio Review Committee Meetings
  • Maintenance and efficient use of risk and performance support systems (e.g. StatPro, Bloomberg, etc.) and relevant data and investment administration and control systems
  • Play key role in annual GIPS preparations and audit, ensuring a smooth process
  • Effective compilation and maintenance of composite portfolios for performance, survey and GIPS purposes
  • Support with measurement and evaluation of fund manager performance
  • Review as relevant new Client investment mandates, esp. aspects relating to risk and other limits, performance benchmarks and targets, regulations applicable, etc.
  • Provide input toward finalising these. Monitor and ensure compliance with all mandates
  • Effectively liaise and respond with requests from internal clients and third parties for relevant risk and performance information requests etc.
  • Monitoring of portfolio alignment to proactively raise consistency issues and avoid performance dispersion
  • Monitor portfolio exposures, risk and liquidity limits, concentration risks, etc. and be proactive in flagging/raising issues/breaches and ensuring remedy of these
  • Support other areas requiring risk and performance measurement and monitoring services
  • Assist with client report-backs and new business pitches (slides, graphs, charts, etc.)
  • Keep abreast of market index and benchmark changes, assessing and reviewing likely impact
  • Monitor broker allocation
  • Take initiative to new ideas, methodologies and analytics related to investment risk, performance and portfolio analysis to remain at the cutting edge
  • Ensure with the CIO (Listed Investment) an effective trading control environment
  • Review post-trade compliance reports to ensure no breaches


  • A relevant degree, preferably a post-graduate qualification in the fields of quants, math, stats, risk management, actuarial and investments/financial markets, etc.


  • Ideally someone with the requisite and relevant experience in Investment Risk and Performance Analysis gained in an Asset Management company (3yrs experience)
  • A good understanding and working knowledge of local and global financial markets, major asset classes (equities, bonds, cash/money market, property, commodities), securities/instruments (incl. derivatives), the relevant regulatory regime and market participants/players in the industry (including third party service providers

Computer Skills

  • StatPro
  • Bloomberg
  • Excel based, etc.
  • Full use and maintenance of support systems and tools
  • Research and suggest on-going system development and automation

 Key Skills and Competencies

  • Thrives in an investment environment, especially to the quants and risk management aspects
  • Analytical and numerate
  • Grasps concepts and methodologies easily
  • Lateral and forward thinker
  • Reliable and honest; a person of integrity
  • Dedicated/committed, Conscientious/diligent
  • Management skills (work, output, planning, negotiating, resources)
  • Dynamic yet disciplined
  • Assertive but a team player (cooperative and supportive)
  • Takes initiative (self-starter) yet operates effectively within the investment framework and to the processes
  • Embrace challenges and resolving these
  • Good command of languages (English in particular); writing and speaking


Employment Equity

  • Preference will be given to applicants of designated group

To apply for this role please send your CV, ID and supporting documentation to operations@asearch.co.za